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Super Soldier Squad v01

  • Story: Akshay Dhar and Anant Sagar

    Art: Anant Sagar and Sammi Lenker

    Letters: Akshay Dhar

  • AT LAST!

    Manga fans in India have a reason to be excited as they get their very own action-packed original new series!


    They were created and trained to be the best of the best, to take face off against the worst that threated their country - but something went wrong on one of their earliest missions and they went A.W.O.L!!

    NNow they are on the run, hunted by the Indian Army that they once called family and by their own government - deadly secrets, deceit and action-packed adventures await them as they struggle to fight and survive in the shadows. But what is it they're looking for and can they know who is truly friend and who is an enemy?


    The house of Meta Desi brings this exciting new series to you in all its butt-kicking glory, collecting the first threee chapters in this oversized new volume!

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