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Vintage Comic Books

Meet The Team

These good folks are the core team that has been keeping the Meta Desi engines running - they're the folks who oversee the comics, man the booths and answer your questions.

We’re so happy to work with Meta Desi on things that we all love so much, and invite you to learn more about them below.

Getting the Job Done (Mostly!) Right

Akshay Dhar

Founder/ Editor/ Writer / Stuff-doer

Once discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down.

A writer, when life permits.

Music and nature lover, geek, scribbler, day-dreamer, arm-chair philosopher and random road-tripper… A strangely hopeful cynic from all accounts.
Loves to let his mind wander and at times it takes forever to find its way home. Loves a good story.

Zafar Khurshid

Writer / Business Partner

A lawyer by profession and a professional couch-potato by choice.
In the rare instances when he is not in a near vegetative state, he is known to try his hand at photography, poetry and writings of a generally geeked out nature and his greatest talent seems to be remembering the lyrics to every song he’s ever heard.
He is responsible for co-scripting the new hilarious parody-filled comic Holy Hell, so remember to give him equal blame for it!

Anant Sagar

Artist/Team Player/Convention Pro!/Partner

Anant is a comic nut, martial arts aficionado, anime and manga geek.
He mostly loves Deadpool. No, he really, really, REALLY loves Deadpool
Oh and he’s also an advertiser by day.
(…so if you hear about a hairy ninja hopping around Delhi beating up thugs and putting up ads you know where to look!)
He drew the action-packed and first of their kind India manga series Super Soldier Squad for Ground Zero Volumes 1 & 2. In addition he is a long-standing supporter and team-member of Meta Desi.

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