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Vintage Comic Books

Rule #1: Be chill and civil.

  • Respect each other's opinions, encourage discussion if you like.

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.

  • Debates are a part of online life, BUT disrespectful and toxic arguments are not welcome here - anyone indulging in them will be banned.

Rule #2: Do not try to sell stuff

  • Speaks for itself.

  • This is just a space to share my comics. I'm not selling you stuff, you don't try and sell the rest of us stuff.

  • Get your own subreddit for that, it's free.

Rule #3: Post Responsibly

  • No spamming for money/support.

  • No piracy links.
  • No clickbait posts.

  • No illegal content.

  • No Pornography

  • No Racism, Sexism, Communalism - all the usual “-isms” are off the table, you’re here to discuss comics and our shared joys in that world, don’t spoil everyones fun.

Rule #4: No yelling!

Do not use all CAPs on your posts or you will be muted.

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