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Free Webcomics!

Come one! Come all!
We have free weekly (mostly) webtoons that you can find at whichever of the following suits YOU best!
If you decide to check them out, thank you loads!

If you decide to keep following them after that: you are extra special to us! ( of us! one of us!...)

Sunset_Skipping_ copy.png

Ohm (a.k.a Ω):

A spiritual chant, a scientific measure, a prayer and it's also the One Happy Monk - a mascot and alias I created for myself.

Now this smiling, peaceful fellow who tries to "Always look on the bright side of life!" is the face of a new venture into comics, graphic novels, comic strips, original artwork and more.

Thank you for taking a moment to check this site out - click around and explore!

You are all fantastic and it's you that makes us want to keep making more - so keep reading!

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