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Ground Zero: Volume 02

  • ScriptsAkshay Dhar, Anant Sagar, Sudeep Menon, Zafar Khurshid

    ArtworkAbhijeet Kini, Ahmed Sikander, Anant Sagar, Khanseng Mein, Sahil Rao, Sammi Lenker, Tarun Padmakumar, Vivek Nag

    Letters: Abhijeet Kini, Akshay Dhar, Tarun Padmakumar,

    Cover: Abhijeet Kini

  • All-New Stories!

    Action! Comedy! Adventure! Drama! Manga! We've got it all!


    Welcome back for another round of comics from the House of Meta Desi!

    Following on from the stunning success of the 1st volume, a new collection of even bolder and more creative comics can be found in this collection - boasting a very talented host of creators, both returning and new to the Meta Desi family!

    This anthology includes:

    • Desolation Runner - A post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure that kicks off its first ever chapter right here!
    • Holy Hell! - A madcap adventure into surreal comedy comes into existence, the birth of a fan-favourite!
    • Once Upon a Time in the North - Part 1 of 2, witness the birth of a first-of-its-kind "Curry-Western" adventure.
    • Raakshas Rising - The beginnings of a new anti-hero, born with roots in history, mythology and a lost ancient history. A bloody adventure of discovery in the making starts here!
    • Super Soldier Squad - the continuing manga story from the first volume, following the further journeys of our titular Super Soldiers as their mission unfolds!
    • The Last Baqani - Mystic action and adventure unfolds in this lost period in the far, far ancient history of the Indian sub-continent.


    Intriguing? Well we hope that you find something to enjoy in this variety pack of comics that is meant to showcase something new for comic fans like us and we hope that you find enough here to keep you coming back!

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