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Ground Zero: Volume 4

  • ScriptsManjula Padmanabhan, Riddhi Batra, Shweta Taneja and Simona Terron

    ArtworkAishwarya Tandon, Kavita Nambissan, Manjula Padmanabhan, Tanushree Majumder

    Letters: Helena Hywater, Manjula Padmanabhan,

    Cover: Helena Hywater and Tanushree Majumder

  • After a break, GROUND ZERO IS BACK!

    And this time, the women are in charge!


    Contained within are stories packed with surreal science-fiction, comedt, action and more - these talented creators bring new and interesting flavours to Indian comics in general and to the Ground Zero comic experiments in particular!

    And YOU get to dig in and enjoy the wild ride!


    This anthology includes:

    • Bat-Person & Kitten - A quirky little super-hero tale for a new age, created for Ground Zero and written and drawn by the legendary Manjula P!
    • Black Tie, White Noise - More super-heroic antics, but this time with a whole different style and flavour. Meet Major Tom and come visit the gritty future she finds herself fighting!
    • Blond Bonanzas! - Who doesn't LOVE potatoes? The old faithful "aloo"? Well come and witness a surreal comic about one of our most favourite and versatile veggies - we bet it'll surprise you!
    • Obselete Baby - Best-selling author of "Anantya Tantrist Mysteries", Shweta Taneja teams up with first time comic artist Kavita to bring us a fast-paced, mind-warping dive into our relationship with technology and provokes thoughts exactly as good sci-fi should do!


    We all hope that you find things to enjoy in this variety pack of comics that is meant to showcase something new for comic fans like us and we hope that you find enough here to keep you coming back!

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