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Holy Hell #01

  • Story: Akshay Dhar and Zafar Khurshid

    Art/Letters: Abhijeet Kini

  • This is where it all began!

    Issue #1, collecting the first two hair-brained chapters of the multi award-winning series!


    Do you dare to take a journey into the extreme? How about the absurd?

    Welcome to the world of "Holy Hell", where the rules go out the window and sometimes so do the jokes!

    Come join in the (un)adventures of our "heroes" Dara and Blue as they come face to face with the imagination-machinations of their creators!


    "Holy Hell is one of those comics that make you realise how morbid life and times really are and how you can't do much but laugh along. Akshay and Zafar's writing and Abhijeets art makes Holy Hell worth reading more than once!"

    - Sreejita Biswas (writer, Bangalore Mirror)

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