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Holy Hell #02

  • Story: Akshay Dhar and Zafar Khurshid

    Art/Letters: Abhijeet Kini

  • The multi award-winning series finally starts to find it's feet! 


    The follow-up chapters that further the random adventures of Dara and Blue is here! (And not a moment too soon I tell you!)


    Birthed in an anthology, given a shot by demand and now well and truly into it's own standalone series, we formally welcome you to the "Holy Hell".

    Greetings as you escape from this mad, mad world to possibly an even madder one! Or as we like to believe: the world is a very wierd place and the only sane response to that is to go just a tiny bit insane!


    "What quote? Where? Comic-what? Get lost before I beat you with my slipper!"

    - Random Stranger on Delhi streets


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