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Holy Hell #03

  • Story: Akshay Dhar and Zafar Khurshid

    Art/Letters: Abhijeet Kini

    Colours: Anurag Chandra

  • Evil is back... AND IT'S MAD!! I mean like, really angry!!

    By shockingly popular demand, we're back with another installment of our fan-favourite series: Holy Hell!

    Return to the chaotic, yet sleepy little town of Morfeeasnagar as Dara and Blue are faced with their biggest threat(s) to date when all their chickens come home to roost and they are forced to count the hatched chickens while... crossing the road... okay, so writing this description seems to have finally broken Akshay's brain.

    It's a good book.

    It's weird, it's funny. It's absurd just like ya-heard!

    Check it out to see why it's gotten awarded for both writing and art and be kind to us and recommend it to your friends!

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