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Holy Hell #04

  • Story: Akshay Dhar and Zafar Khurshid

    Art/Letters: Abhijeet Kini

    Colours: Abhijeet Kini and Akshay Dhar

  • Have you ever wanted to just chill and give yourself some down time?!

    Ever worried that you'll be taking some you-time at home and behind your back the world outside will go to heck?!?


    Well that's exactly what happens in this issue to our heroically lazy stars, Blue and Dara.


    So... Do you dare take a trip down the rabbit-hole of the extreme, absurd and gut-bustingly hilarious?


    Then welcome to the world of Holy Hell! This time everything goes to hell as we embrace (and disgrace) the zeitgeist in the form of a full issue of post-apocalyptic action!

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